What Exactly is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of immediate marketing that is done via e-mail in order to communicate specific information to a specific group. You could say that email marketing is an email sent with the intention of selling something or acquiring a charity donation. However, e-mail marketing is usually termed as such when one of the following applies.

1 Emails sent to current customers with the goal of building customer relations and loyalty.

2 Emails directed in order to convince a potential client to get something or encourage a current customer to make an additional purchase.

3 Tagging email correspondence with advertising, regardless of the reason for the message.

4 Sending these emails over the internet, as there are other varieties of email.
Email marketing is becoming big business, as it was estimated that United Says businesses spent an enormous $400 million on e-mail marketing last year alone.

Why are they popular?

It is popular with companies and individuals alike for many reasons.

1. Email is a cost-effective way to get a lot of details to a targeted audience quickly.

2. Return on investment is simple in order to; email marketing is quoted as the second best marketing tool on the internet.

3. Companies can find the information to the customer rather than relying on the customer to come to their website.

4. Marketers can create repeat business quickly and affordable.

5. Half the people on the internet will check their email at least once per day.


These are simply a few of the many and varied reasons businesses are finding it to be so desirable. In addition, the truth that it requires no paper whatsoever and a company can add environmentally friendly to their persona. The major detractor of email marketing is a term all of us are familiar with, SPAM. This is the practice of mailing out bulk advertisements unrequested. Or in old college conditions junk mail. Since time progresses email programs are improving, to limit the activities of spammers nevertheless, it will take time.

The bottom brand is email marketing is where it reaches; combined with affiliate marketer programs and other online marketing it could turn into a lucrative prospect very easily. Some time, creativity, and you could make a great passive income just from email marketing alone.

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