SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When a site isn’t visible, it does not matter how good it is. It won’t grow your business. Make sure your site is noticeable to customers who need and are searching for you.

Search Engine Optimization, often known to as SEO, is most likely one of the most thrown around and misconstrued conditions on the internet in regards to Internet Marketing. Everybody wants to come up first on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but there is merely room for a select few, so getting your SEO strategy correct is important. Search engines are not static, so every website needs to adapt and understand changes as they happen.

Right now there are two ways to optimize your site more for traffic – Localized SEO and Organic SEO. When both are improved and working together, the compounding results over time can be huge and very cost effective.

Local SEO
seo1Googles emphasis on local business listings and their location on the adjacent map has only increased over the years. Actually, the first results listed on google searches under the pay-per-click Google advertisings are the neighborhood results. This kind of is the A, W, C listing with a phone and address with a quick link to their website. High rankings on these first few results can make a huge impact on your bottom line. There are over 50 factors that impact this ranking to the positive and over 25 negative factors that will bring your rankings down. Brand, address, Phone (NAP info) needs to be steady throughout the web and properly exhibited on your site as well.

Any inconsistencies with online directories and entries (called citations) can negatively impact this result. Givemeservice. com (GMS) will make sure that your internet directories and listings are correct and at the same time constantly build up more and more of these citations so that your online maturity and authority never slows down. Some citations hold more weight than others and it is critical to know which ones and keep them accurate.

In addition, ongoing review management and increase the number of reviews help give your local SEO an increase as well. GMS has proven strategies to make certain this happens on a regular basis by setting your review management project almost on auto-pilot. Our clients are constantly building their business and their online reputations.

Organic SEO
You will discover two parts of Organic SEO – On-Site and Off-Site.

Onsite SEO:
Every single site we build has Onsite SEO included in their project. It is the foundation of your sites online occurrence and allows Google and other search engines know who you are, what audience your site is trying to reach, and where you are located. Onsite SEO includes proper webpage title, meta-structures, H1 tags, and SCHEMA Indicate up. SCHEMA Mark up or “collection of schemas” like HTML tags, allow Google to see your site more accurately and ranking it higher. In addition, web pages need to be laid out in the best way that utilizes search conditions search phrase that is highly searched for after.

Off-Site SEO:
By simply creating backlink campaigns and other SEO driven techniques, we emphasize that ongoing SEO optimized content is added and maintained on the website over time. We use the latest strategies including professionally written, content-rich Blogs, and professional landing pages built specifically for convert your targeted traffic into phone calls and feedback forms that will show up in your inbox. The bottom line is increased lead generation through targeted keywords that your clients are searching for in your geographical area. We do all the keyword research and analysis for you so that you wrap up the rating for the highest quantity keywords. In other words, fish where there are fish biting!

The effect is not merely more traffic to your website, but more targeted traffic. Traffic that is seeking your services. This equates to a higher conversion rate of website guests to actual leads. This process, along with ongoing maintenance, is essential for any Internet Marketing project to obtain ongoing success. It is critical that all these strategies are optimized and work together – so we have full-time SEO experts dedicated to enhancing your results each month.

These results are then analyzed using Google Stats and strategically adjusted to always pursue improved results through continuous improvement. We track everything and talk about the results with our clients so they always know they may be heading in the right direction. This closed-loop process repeats itself often per year and the results are powerful.

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