How to Drive Targeted Traffic By Social bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites receive a huge amount of visitors every day. If your bookmark reaches the front page of the sites, you will get a lot of targeted traffic from them.

Write a Catchy Subject

The majority of the articles go undetected because their headlines avoid grabbing attention. If you want people to see your bookmarked article, you must create an attractive topic. For instance, rather than using the headline iPad Accessories, you should used a more catchy headline such as Micro-review: iPad Accessories.

Write a Short Explanation

The description also plays an important role in sketching the attention of the readers. The description should be brief and explain the news in a manner that makes people want to find out more about it. For example, you can write, this article is a detailed review of the official Apple iPad’s accessories. If it is news, you can paste the first paragraph in the description.

The description should be launch about the article and never include the details. It is recommended that you don’t use false facts and lies in the information to generate interests from the readers. The conventional word count number of the description should be 100 – 150 characters. Since most sociable bookmarking sites limit the description, you should make an effort to spell out the article as short as it can be.

Create an Impressive First Section

The first paragraph of the article must be must create a good impression on the reader. Once the readers click through the link, they will see the first paragraph of this article. If the first paragraph is lousy, they will not read the remaining portion of the article and quit the same. To encourage you to remain on the site longer, the first paragraph must be informational and impressive.

Produce Good Content

The first paragraph serves to lure the readers to stay for longer period and read the rest of the article. To maintain the readers’ attention, the body of the article must be interesting so that individuals would want to read it. If you are articles is useless, there is no need for bookmarking them.

Sometimes, the moderator from the social bookmarking sites will visit the saved as a favorite page to check if it is spam. In the event they find out the articles are junk, they will get your site or IP banned from the internet site. The article should be grammatically correct and without spelling error.

Set a Bookmark Button on the Site

It is best if you provide a convenient way for individuals to bookmark the article. Many social bookmarking sites give a bit of code for the buttons which you can paste into the site. When people click on the button, they shall be redirected to the particular social bookmarking site.

Once they signal in, they shall be able to bookmark the article on your site. If you are utilizing a wordpress blog, you can install the social bookmarking plugin from WordPress plugin directory. Addthis. com provides free public bookmarking widget which you can embed into your site. The social bookmark management widget supports 264 sites including Digg, Yazzem, Yahoo! Hype, Webnews, Xanga, Plurk, Properller, Google Buzz, Dzone, Facebook or myspace, Fark, and others. The services which are supported by Addthis. com include WordPress, Blogger, and MySpace. Users will be able to choose different button style. In case you have an account on Addthis. com, you will be able to monitor the performance of the button.

 When to Submit

In order to rank on the front page, you must submit it on the right moment. Most social bookmarking sites will only rank the post every day and night so you will want to post when users are most active. Many people lay claim that posting at around 3 p. m. ALL OF US Central Time will allow you to attract more traffic to the site. Submission to social bookmarking sites during the weekdays also tend to generate more visitors compare with on week-ends.

Submit to the Right Category

If you would like your article to rise above the crowd, it must be submitted to the right category. If there is no suitable category, you can submit to the most related category. For example, if your article is about carrot cake recipe, you should submit it to the Food category.

Submitting the categories such as General, Miscellaneous and etc will not create much attention since these categories are for unclassified stuffs. These categories usually received lots of submissions so that your article is pushed to the again of the search effect. This way, it will be less likely to be noticed by the reader.

 Create a Good Profile

Before submitting URL to the site, you should create a good profile. Having a good profile can make you get more notice from the people, particularly if you are an old and respected user. Besides storing pages from your site, you can bookmark interesting articles from other sites. If you keep on bookmark your site, people will understand that you only want to promote your site. It will make your profile look suspicious since it only has links to 1 site.

Sociable bookmarking sites are places where you share interesting post with other people so that they can bookmark them too. Thus, you should not put it to use for self-campaign purposes. Some social bookmark management sites will suspend you if you only submit content of another site.

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