Do You Make These Website Traffic Building Mistakes?


Increasing traffic to your website is a key goal of a successful online business. But do you really want more traffic?

Or would you rather have traffic solely from your target audience?

There are three common mistakes you can make when investment in website traffic building.


Mistake #1: Getting Site visitors From the Wrong Prospects

Imagine you owned a store on 5th Opportunity one block away from the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree during the holiday season. Hundreds of thousands of folks walk by your windows and door. Would you want all these individuals to enter your store?

If you said yes to “all” these people, think again.

Why Attracting the Wrong Folks from Website Targeted traffic Building Can Hurt The Business
That’s because many of these folks are not your target audience. And therefore, you would be spending resources on prospects with little chance of converting them into a customer.


On the other hand, if you solely attract your target audience into your store, your potential return on investment is much higher. Not simply for the first sale, but for all future sales from repeat purchases.

The same goes for your website. Except, the costs of attracting the wrong contacts into your website are higher.

You see, when you attract the wrong website traffic it can sluggish down your site. That can affect how long folks stay on your website, particularly those individuals who are your concentrate on market.

Kissmetrics reported almost half of the web users to abandon a website within 3 seconds if it does not fully load. Approximately 4 out of 5 consumers won’t return to the internet site to buy again. As well as, over 4 in ten shoppers who experience this slow speed would find out a friend.

The bottom level line is that slower speed from increased traffic of the wrong guests can cause many individuals in the people in your target market to leave your website, never come back and tell their social network.


Other problems can result from the wrong folks opt-in to your email. These problems can include higher opt-outs, lower open email rates, higher abandon shopping cart rates and higher costs for maintaining a larger database.

Mistake #2: Sending Site Traffic to Your House Page

A very common mistake is to send traffic to your website home page rather than a website landing page.
You can find out more about this mistake here.

When this occurs, the visitor will likely become distracted by looking at the content on the page, somewhat than opt-in. As a result, the visitor judges your business based on what the site shows and states and might not opt-in before they leave.

Mistake #3: Not Having Powerful Content in your Opt-In Contact form and/or Website landing page

A persuasive copy is the most essential component on your website. A persuasive copy can move your prospect to work, such as opt-in or buy. Yet too few websites contain persuasive replicate.

If you do not have a persuasive copy on your landing page or opt-in form, why should a visitor opt-in?

But if you do not get your visitor to opt-in, you have no way to recover the price tag on getting them there. And you cannot convert this into sales.

How to Resolve These 3 Website Traffic Building Mistakes

The good news is there are easy ways to fix these website traffic building mistakes.

The first way is by attracting website traffic that focuses on your target audience. The more you know about your audience, the better the results. This includes demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behavior. They key the following is to exclude those who do NOT fit your target.

Direct email lists, publicity, co-registration and affiliate marketing can allow you to concentrate on bringing in the people in your target market. SEO and pay-per-click can too, but these strategies have a much higher risk of bringing in too many folks that do not fit your target audience.

A second way is to create a landing page that encourages a lead magnet, like a quiz or FREE statement, plus an opt-in web page. Your only goal here is to maximize opt-ins. That way you can develop a relationship with your visitor after she or he leaves your website.

The next way involves persuasive copy. This is what can permit you to convert your traveler into an opt-in lead and customer. But the copy should give attention to the emotional desires and needs of your target audience. The more you know about your target audience, the better your potential results. A persuasive duplicate can help you increase response rates so you can earn more income.

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